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Returning from a Coast Guard photo mission for stereo photography, I used a vertical camera mount specifically designed for the HH65A helicopter

I do photography and photographic technology under the business name, Datamaster Designs. The office is in my home on the east side of Eureka, surrounded by redwood trees but just a fifteen minute walk from downtown. There are always photos on display, and sometimes I am even here, working on the computers in Photoshop, adding images to a custom-developed database for a client, or planning the next aerial photography flight.

You are always welcome to drop by. If you are traveling through Eureka, please give me a call and I can fax or tell you directions.

It’s usually a good idea to call ahead (707 445-8425) or e-mail me — — to make sure someone will be in the office. So drop by if you’re in the neighborhood. Portland, Oregon is 400 miles north and San Francisco is only 300 miles south. Some of the world’s most beautiful forests, ocean beaches and wilderness are along the way. It doesn’t take long for a tour and I would be delighted to meet you!

The North Coast of California presents a visual delight to anyone taking the time to look, whether as a photographer or interested observer. With geographic diversity, coastal fog in summer, storms in winter, and the sun likely to break through at any time of year, our local landscapes become a tapestry of ever-changing depth and light. Here is a wonderful place to capture the unique combination of light, atmosphere and landscape. When grace and grandeur coincide for a brief moment, I take photographs as special gifts to be shared, especially at those rare times when light and vista almost suggest another dimension.


That unique instant of time and creation reflects the beauty of the moment and, with camera in hand, sometimes just a slight shift in perspective puts the scene into a balance that is more felt than seen. Other times in the air, it’s simply an intuitive snap of the shutter at a moment’s notice while flying by at 100mph. The shutter clicks. The light changes, and the moment fades. Later in the photograph, I can contemplate the subtle shapes and proportion - seeing once again the harmony of God's creation that invites us all to wonder.



Articles and photographs copyright Gary Todoroff. For licensed use, call (707) 445-8425 or contact him by email.